We can all collaborate NOW on actions to start getting plastic out of fashion. With the James&Co 3-Point-Plastic-Pollution-Solution Plan.

Step 1: Make The Commitment

Whatever level of the fashion supply chain you or your business are at, make a commitment to end usage of fossil-fuel fabrics. No more vegan leather products made with PU, PVC or PWB.

Step 2: Take Positive Action

People Power! Don’t buy it and they’ll stop making it! Don’t buy vegan leather products made with plastics PU, PVC, PVB. Especially from brand names that mislead about the sustainability of their products. Only buy 100% plant-based no leather vegan leather products or products made in organic textiles or eco-friendly materials.

Step 3: Choose The Correct End-Of-Life Action

Know what actions you can take to keep toxic vegan leather products in PU, PVC from landfill. And actions with purchases of 100% plant based James&Co fashion pieces. It’s not all ‘recycle’.