MIRUM® is a brand of plant-based leather made from sustainably sourced natural materials. Instead of using animal hides, Mirum uses a combination of plant-based materials such as pineapple leaves, apple skins, and corn waste to create a durable, leather-like material.

The production process of Mirum involves converting these natural materials into a pulp, which is then pressed and rolled to create a flexible and durable sheet that is suitable for use as a leather alternative. The resulting material is not only cruelty-free, but it is also more environmentally sustainable than traditional leather because it requires fewer resources and has a lower carbon footprint.

Mirum plant-based leather is versatile and can be used in a range of products, including bags, shoes, and accessories. It has a similar texture and appearance to traditional leather, but with a unique grain pattern that sets it apart. Additionally, it is easy to care for and does not require any special treatment or maintenance.

MIRUM® plant-based leather offers a cruelty-free, sustainable, and stylish alternative to traditional leather that is becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious consumers. Importantly, MIRUM® is the vegan leather textile alternative to traditional polyurethane (PU) and PVC to the partially plant-based textiles made from cactus, apples, grapes, pineapple and the rest. They all still contain toxic polyurethane (PU) to some degree as the synthetic coating or adhesive. The development of MIRUM® has progressed beyond needing that input. No PU required.

In summary, MIRUM® :

  • is powered by nature
  • is made with 100% natural plant inputs
  • is certified as 100% bio-based through the USDA’s BioPreferred program and contains zero plastics.
  • no plastics, petrochemicals, toxic chemicals or harmful dyes
  • is made in the USA at the facility of Natural Fiber Welding – inventor and manufacturer of MIRUM® – which utilizes renewable wind energy
  • requires no additional water inputs over and above what is in the natural ingredients, hence no effluent or wastewater is discharged from its manufacture
  • requires no glue or synthetic laminates to attach the material to fabric backing as the finishing step for MIRUM® is giving it the leather-look texture whilst it is heated and pressed to a natural fabric backing
  • and 100% circular in nature: because it does not contain plastic or petrochemicals MIRUM® can return its natural plant inputs to the earth safely at the end of its life