Our business is founded on the dual objectives of achieving the purposes for which it was founded and being a profitable business.

  • no animal or animal-derived fabrics for our products and
  • plant-based and plastic-free fabrics for our products which have no restricted chemicals and minimal environmental health and safety (EHS) impact
  • contribute to raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention initiatives

We will earn the trust of businesses and consumers because of

  • the quality of our products
  • compliance with our Sustainability Policy goals
  • the certifications we are awarded as independent assessments of our quality and compliance with EHS requirements globally

All fabrics we source for our leather alternative products will be assessed for chemical input and EHS impact and only those fabrics – and the factories which make them – which meet our measurable requirements will be used for our products.

Factories which tailor our products in the fabrics we have sourced will also be assessed for their EHS impact and required to upgrade any which we assess as deficient.

Fabric sourcing factories and tailoring factories will be required to acknowledge and work with our Supplier Code Of Conduct and other relevant policies.

Collaboration is key to achievement of our core purposes and we will

  • strive for recognition with all global stakeholders working for sustainability in fashion and to reduce the impact of fashion as the 2nd largest contributor to landfill and
  • strive for recognition as leaders driving the end of traditional pu through continuous publication of books, blogs and the like
  • ensure the UN Ten Principles Of The UN Global Compact are reflected in all our strategies for implementing Our Vision and Our Mission
  • align with global leader the UN and strive to contribute to the achievement of its Sustainability Development Goals

Our corporate values are contained in our Constitution.