Another innovative textile now available and being utilised for our bag collection is Washable Paper Vegan Leather.

Washable paper vegan leather is a plant-based textile crafted to have the look of leather. It is truly one of a kind of vegan leather and the top replacement for real leather and vegan leather made with plastic PU, PVC et al. It is supple and lightweight, and strong for tough wear. It is eco-friendly, color-fast and tear-resistant.

James&Co accessories are tailored in Kraft Tex Paper washable paper fabric. You may have seen washable paper textiles called kraft washable paper, kraft paper fabric, leather paper, cellullose washable paper, vegan leather. Tex Paper textile is manufactured in Germany and have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate and FSC certificate. It is therefore accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC® C139589 and C133304) and Oeko-Tex, professional bodies that ensure the material is responsibly sourced and produced. In January 2022, th material received the “VEGAN society” trademark.

Kraft Tex washable paper is made from natural cellulose fibers that are produced from waste wood, so the entire production process is environmentally friendly.  Manufactured with cellulose fibres and guaranteed no harmful substances are used during the entire production process, plus the material contains no Pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA. Dyed with vegetable dyes.

Crafted from plant-based to have the look of leather it is natural which makes it biodegradable and recyclable. Water resistant so can withstand difficult weather conditions while staying flawless. Cellulose washable paper vegan leather has a high tear resistant and completely machine washable. Lightweight and durable but not of a durability we would use for our apparel. For accessories it’s a great offering. Because they can be washed and restored to their original condition, they are ideal for carrying make-up and other messy items.