Our leather look bag collection is made with 100% MIRUM plant based leather look textile and the material is supplied by its manufacturer Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) in the United States to our manufacturer. The manufacturer of our MIRUM pieces is the partner of NFW – Veshin Factory in China.

Our hemp & cotton T-shirts and tops and selected hemp bags are made with the hemp textiles of Hemp Fortex and manufactured by Hemp Fortex in China.

Our GOTS certified organic denim apparel pieces are made in India by our manufacturer Fashion Zone and the fabric is sourced by them.

Our sneakers made with 100% MIRUM are made in Brazil by manufacturer Ahimsa and the material is sourced directly by them from NFW.

Our sustainable textile bags not made with MIRUM are made in China by Autron.

Our socks are manufactured in China by Haining Had Socks.

Our gloves are in between manufacturers ATM and we will update as soon as set up.

We have a Supplier Code of Conduct for manufacturing our products and compliance by our manufacturers is required.